1. ball transfer units brochure

Ball transfer units brochure for the industry. Balls with or without collar and screw fixation.

2. product 

Product brochure of steel balls, stainless steel balls, balls of other materials and steel needles or rollers.

Frequently asked questions.

How can I place an order as new customer?  

You should send your request through the contact on the website or send an e-mail  with your name and invoice address, VAT number telephone number and e-mail. If the delivery address is different you should indicate it.

Once we have received your request, we will send you an offer and if you accept it, we will send you a proforma invoice with total amount and bank details to make the transfer before formalising the order.  At least the first two operations are by prepayment.

How long does it take to send an order?  
  • For materials in stock and customers with open account, we can guarantee daily delivery for all orders received until 11.00 am.
  • Transit time for CEE shipments with carriage prepaid and included in invoice : 2-7 days(depending country) .  Transport company : GLS
  • For shipments outside CEE please contact.
What types of steel balls are available?  

Chrome steel balls are available for applications requiring high wear resistance and carbon steel balls for less demanding applications.

What sizes of steel balls are available?  
  • Chrome steel balls from 1 mm - 120 mm
  • Carbon steel balls between 2.50 - 12.70 mm
Are special diameters available?  

In addition to the standard sizes listed in the list: https://www.luisapariciosl.com/archivos/02-catalogo-general_Part10.pdf balls can be supplied in special diameters  between 1 - 12.7 mm under minimum quantities and within 2-4 weeks.

Apart from steel balls, what other materials are available and what range?  

Standard materials:

  • Stainless steel balls AISI 420-C 440C, A304 and 316L.  Between 0,5 -100 mm
  • Tungsten carbide balls. Between 0,4 - 50 mm
  • Plastic balls.  Between 2 - 60 mm
  • Ceramic balls: Between 1 - 50 mm
  • Glass balls: Between 1 - 50 mm
  • Non-standard materials:
  • Rubber, brass, bronze, aluminium, Inconel, Monel.
What are steel balls used for?  
  • To facilitate running in guides, spindles, bearings and slewing rings.
  • As a shut-off valve for different applications
  • Polishing  metal parts.
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Mixing compounds in paints and sprays
How are steel balls made?  

The usual process consists of eight steps: stamping, roughing, hardening, polishing, lapping, cleaning, sorting and quality control.


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